The Editor

Welcome to Issue 9! This is the first full year of the magazine (In 2010 there were three issues; August, October and December).

Looking back at last December’s editorial I see that we then had 875 Internet ‘subscribers’ and 20 ‘hard’ copy subscribers. Twelve months later we now have just over 1600 of the former and 40 of the latter.

Great strides have been made in building up the website during this time, with a lot of work going on “behind the scenes”. The T-Database has received a healthy boost of late thanks to Gordon Lawson’s truly generous offer to share his “T-Numbers” database with us. We would also like to thank Don Harmer for providing us with details of cars belonging to members of the Southeastern MGT Register in the US. As a result, the T-Database now stands at just shy of 3700 T-Types from nearly 40 countries, with over 500 photos uploaded to date. If you haven’t added your car’s details yet, you can do so by searching for your car by chassis number here.

Since the last issue have also added a new section to the website. The History Timeline is intended to be more for fun than anything else, and lists some of the events during the MG T-Type’s production run set against a backdrop of contemporary news events and period music for you to listen to.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we also have a couple of new features under development which should surface some time early in the New Year, so keep checking back at on a regular basis.

It is about this time of the year when I report on donations, so here goes…

Donations which were not specifically stated to be for production of TTT 2 ‘hard’ copies amounted to (January to second week in November 2011) £479.54. The balance carried forward from 2010 was £197.45, so the current balance is £676.99.

Donations which were specifically stated to go towards production of ‘hard’ copies of TTT 2 totalled £129.46.

Donations which were received as amounts over and above the cost price of spares I have supplied so far in 2011 amounted to £274.20. Included in this figure is the sum of £35 for two insurance valuations I have supplied during the course of the year. The balance carried forward from 2010 was £36.95 so the current balance is £311.15.

On the surface there would appear to be quite a lot of money sloshing about (and I am extremely grateful for all the donations) but in practice this is not quite the case. Due to the small print run, the ‘hard’ copies cost a small fortune and in fact only just break even due thanks to some very generous subscription payments which are over and above what is requested. However, when postage is taken into account together with the cost of complimentary ‘hard’ copies (for contributors) and postage on the complimentary copies, the total sum becomes quite alarming!

In the immortal words of Lance Corporal Jones of the Dad’s Army BBC comedy TV series “Don’t panic!” – the debt has not reached ‘Sovereign Debt’ proportions and I’m going to consolidate it and explain what I’ve done in the February issue.

Well, that’s enough of the boring financial bits! Looking forward to 2012 (where has 2011 gone?) I hope to be at Stoneleigh for the MG International Show and Spares Day on Sunday 19th February.

As usual I’ll be sharing a stand with Brian Rainbow and we’ll be located right opposite Barry Walker’s stand in Hall 1.

‘Hard” copy subscriber, Ted Hack (Ted runs the D-type website, where you can download the quarterly magazine ‘Dispatch’ which is devoted to D-types at is an avid MG book collector. He has recently e-mailed me about the book “They Started in MGs” and sub-titled “Profiles of Sports Car Racers of the 1950s”. He has very kindly written a review of the book and this can be found under the ‘Bits and Pieces’ heading on page 18.

I have some news about the polyurethane bushes for the TC, TD and TF models and this can be found on page 18.

Last but not least I have been busy working on my J2 restoration – I try to do something every day, even if it is just for one hour to keep the momentum going – and reproduce below a photo of some painted parts on the washing line (it’s what washing lines are really for!). See you hopefully in 2012!


MG Parts hanging out to dry on a washing line


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