The Editor

Welcome to Issue 8!

I’m putting this issue ‘to bed’ in the middle of August to ‘sleep’ until the middle of September because my IT man (son, Stephen) is off at the end of this week on his travels to Japan and Taiwan for six weeks. Due to the shorter time interlude between the preparation of this issue and the last one I’ve struggled a bit with sufficient copy but we’ve just about made it.

A healthy supply of copy is vital to keep a magazine like this going and I feel for Vernon Byrom, Editor of the MG Octagon Car Club magazine The Bulletin, who, just lately, has had to make a number of requests for copy and indeed, has had to write some of the articles himself to fill the magazine. I’m in the same boat with Vernon this month in having to write some of the articles; I don’t mind doing this but it does consume more time when I could be in the garage ………dreaming up more articles!

In editing a magazine it is desirable to strike a balance between types of articles featured; in the case of this magazine, which is unashamedly biased towards the technical side of ownership of our cars, I strive to cover every T-Series model and therefore strike a balance between the beam axle models and those with coil spring independent front suspension. I have to say that I feel uncomfortable with the lack of coverage I am able to give to the TD and TF models, but I can only include what I am provided with. Perhaps TD and TF owners would like to take the hint!

Speaking of the MG Octagon Car Club, I attended the Club’s ‘Wings’ Run at the end of July. It was held at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, which is a mere 25 miles from me. I was a little apprehensive (as the photograph taken by Steve, just before setting off shows) but this was the first time I had used the car this year.


Steve, my passenger ‘shot’ a couple of short videos on the journey; the first, taken shortly after after setting off:

The second is a bit longer and is ‘shot’ in the countryside. Apologies for the squeaky brakes in both videos and don’t forget the PB has a ‘crash’ gearbox!

Encouraged by the performance of the car on the ‘Wings’ Run I took it to David Lewis’ Wiltshire ‘natter’ at Lacock a week later. Even though it entailed a drive back home in the dark, I was glad I attended because there must have been a record number of M.G.s there – at least 20. T-Types were a plenty, but also MGAs, MGBs, V8, YA and ZA.

On 11th August we posted a news item on the website to say that we had reached the landmark of 1400 email subscribers to this magazine. To have attained this number in just under a year (the website was officially one year old on 20th August!) is no mean feat. At the rate that new subscriptions are coming in (current number at 17th August is 1430) we shall soon hit the 1500 mark. Thank you all for your support!

On 14th August we launched a new section of the website for our visitors: the T-Database. Part gallery, part T-Type “wiki”, the T-Database is an opportunity for MG T-Type owners to showcase their cars on the site. Through the T-Database you may upload multiple photos of your T-Series car, and add limited non-personal information about your vehicle. Alternatively, you may simply wish to browse the records of the cars that have already been added to the T-Database.

In order to post information and photos to the T-Database you need to be a member of; membership is quick and most importantly totally free, and can be obtained by filling out the registration form here. Once you have logged in, you will be able to update your car’s record on the T-Database by searching for your car by chassis number and then by clicking “Edit this Car’s Details”.

Not ones to let the grass grow under our feet, there are more enhancements planned for the website, more suppliers and more items for the Technical Publications section – just need the time!

In the December issue I’ll publish the up to date financial situation. However, I can say with certainty that the sum total of donations is very healthy and the ‘hard’ copy account is in surplus, both due to lots of generous donations.

Just enough space left to thank Fred Weber, Bart Vandonk, Tom Thompson and Trad Harrison for identifying Denis Dunstan’s mystery item. All said that they were fitted to the tappet chest plate – more details in ‘Bits and Pieces’ later in this issue.



Totally T-Type 2 is produced totally on a voluntary basis and is available on the website on a totally FREE basis. Its primary purpose is to help T-Type owners through articles of a technical nature and point them in the direction of recommended service and spares suppliers.

Articles are published in good faith but I cannot accept responsibility or legal liability and in respect of contents, liability is expressly disclaimed.