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When one loses a good friend, one is reminded that we are mere mortals on this earth. My Swedish ‘pen friend’, Gabriel Öhman, passed away in the early hours of 3rd June. He had not been well for some months. Gabriel owned three Triple-M cars and a TC. I shall miss our communications, with him using his ‘Swinglish’ (as he termed it).

Gabriel was very supportive when I first started with TTT 2 back in 2010 and his TC3179, exported new to Sweden, appeared on the front cover of Issue 1. Here’s a pic of him driving his TC.

 R.I.P. Gabriel.

A few issues ago, I mentioned that negative interest rates could be on their way and it could result in your bank charging you for holding your money! Well, they’ve not yet arrived in the UK, but in Switzerland, the country’s richest have apparently been stuffing cash under the mattress. According to a recent Sunday Telegraph article, clients holding more than 2m Swiss francs are being charged 0.75% on their fortunes by the likes of UBS and Credit Suisse. So, rather than seeing their capital accrue interest, it is being slowly  chipped away.

Makes you want to go out and buy a supercharger! This is Martin Franklin’s TC’s engine bay. “How every XPAG should look”, says Martin. Well said Martin! – ‘good on yer!’

Those of you who order spares from the MG Octagon Car Club will miss the cheery salutation from Syd Showell at the other end of the line. Syd has been gradually moving to retirement over the past few years. He gave up his part-time job in retail as part of the plan and has now decided on (almost!) full-time retirement. Syd has given many years of service to the Octagon (he was the Show Manager in Harry’s days) but he is not entirely disappearing from the scene as he remains a Director of the Club for the time being.

Chairman, Brian Rainbow, has secured the services of Mark Tullett as Syd’s replacement, and of course, the very able and knowledgeable Martyn Lister is also on hand. Mustn’t forget Pete, of course – that font of all knowledge who manages the whole operation.

The MG ‘T’ Society website has been given a re-vamp, courtesy of son, Stephen. It is not completely finished as the T-Database needs to be transitioned to the new-look site. However, we have already received some encouraging comments. One welcome development is that we have put a stop to the ‘scammers’ as one now needs to be a member of the Society to place adverts.

In the next issue (October) I intend to publish an article about The MG ‘T’ Society and how we exist as a Company Limited by Guarantee without subscription income (the only subscription income is for printed copies of ‘Totally T-Type 2’, which aims to be self-funding).

If you are a UK reader, enjoy the rest of the summer (we’ve already passed the longest day!) and hopefully we can look forward to some renewed T-Type activity in 2021 (including a TTT 2 Tour).

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‘Totally T-Type 2’ is produced totally on a voluntary basis and is available on the website on a totally FREE basis. Its primary purpose is to help T-Type owners through articles of a technical nature and point them in the direction of recommended service and spares suppliers.

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2 thoughts on “The Editor

  1. Bart Sanders says:

    Hello Mr. James,
    You may remember me writing you on TC8204 just bought by us. That was late October 2019. Now, just a week now, Maegan ( the name given by my wife) has been thoroughly checked and repaired. More important, presented to Dutch RDW. I think like your MOT. And received her Dutch oldtimer license and plates. So, back on the road! Would you like to get an article on how, from where and so forth, including pictures?
    Thanks and stay safe!
    Bart Sanders

  2. Michael Lacey says:

    Hi Mr James,
    I have just read with great interest your article on MG TBs andwould like to update your information . MG TB 0355 registration MG6573, is alive and well and taxed and is in everyday use on the roads of Exmoor…. as it has been for the last 10 years.
    kind regards and thank you for the splendid Totally T Type 2

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