The Editor

Welcome to this issue of Totally T-Type 2!

The issue date of August is significant to me because August 2010 was the date of Issue 1 of this magazine. Now, three years on and with an impressive number of ‘subscribers’ and ‘members’, (no fees are charged, except for those in receipt of printed copies) it’s good to look back and see what has been achieved. It’s also good to look forward, but the recent sudden death of a dear friend has reminded me that there for the grace of God go I.

My good friend, David Pelham, died on 29th June. He was only 61 and suffered a heart attack. I had been conversing with him on Skype only a couple of days previous. David, with Paul Barrow, over in Montesano, WA, was the driving force behind the International MG Y Type Register.

I worked closely with David (and of course, Paul) as TTT 2 and the IMGYTR are kindred spirits, both being totally independent of any car Clubs. My condolences go to his wife, Shirley and daughters Kirsty and Carole, who I will see at his funeral tomorrow (15th July).

Many readers of this magazine are also members of the tabc website The tabc group has recently produced a fine enamel car badge – mine is so shiny that I could not take a picture of it without the light reflecting back so I’ve taken the image below from the tabc website.

The only drawback I found (which is not the fault of the tabc group) was a demand to pay 14.00 GBP from the ‘Jolly Old GPO’. Apparently 6.00 GBP is for the collection of VAT and the 8.00 GBP goes to Royal Mail for their administration charges. I understand that it is possible to avoid the Royal Mail charge by dealing direct with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs but you need to do this in advance of the package being delivered. Ah well! –but I’m really over the moon with the badge.

Preparations for the TTT 2 Tour of Rutland are now almost complete. We have a good entry of 33 cars on the Tour and a varied selection of T-Types. Topping the list of models is an entry of 10 TCs (including an EXU model), closely followed by 9 TDs (including a MK II). There are 5 TFs (including a TF1500). Pre-war models are represented by 4 TAs and 2 TBs. There is also a YA, a Cooper MG and a PB. All participants should have received a copy of the entry list just before the issue of this magazine.

The 2014 Totally T-Type 2 Tour of The Isle of Wight – Friday 05 September to Monday 08 September 2014 – 3 nights

Having signed the contract for next year’s Tour of the Isle of Wight, I have now paid a hefty deposit so fingers crossed as I need sufficient support to fill the forty (40) rooms that have been reserved. I know that the Tour is well over 12 months away but initial expressions of interest to me via the TTT 2 contact form or to jj(at) {substitute @ for (at)} would be most welcome. Some outline details were published in the last issue of TTT 2 and this produced twelve (12) expressions of interest, including a couple from outside of the UK (France and Australia).

On the back cover is a photo of TC5160 and there is a little story behind it, told by Graham Parnell:

I have just met (by complete accident) Roman & Genenieve Schonauer and their immaculate TC 5160. I was returning home from obtaining a successful MoT on my MGA and while driving past the Ruffwell Hotel, a mile from my home, I noticed a TC in the car park. I parked beside it and realised that this was no ordinary TC: it had Swiss number plates and was obviously on a tour of England. I immediately drove home and swopped the ‘A’ for my TC, and when I had taken some photographs of the two cars together, I went into the hotel and found the owners of this car. Roman has owned it since 1984, and I believe that it only had one previous owner, but it was not in good condition when Roman purchased it. He and his wife are touring England and spending about three months away from Switzerland. The car is very original and still has its original XPAG engine, number 5777.





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