The Beck’s Brewery TD

The Editor is regularly contacted by T-Type owners from around the world. Such is the wonder of e-mail and the Internet that it seems that correspondents are almost in the next room!

A recent contact was Emery DeWitt from Lancaster, PA in the US. Emery bought a copy of ‘Barrie’s Notes’, ‘Maintaining a 1955 MG TF in the 21st Century’ and ‘Practical M.G. TD, Maintenance, Update & Innovation’ by Jonathan Goddard. He told me about the TD he had just acquired. The story of his purchase can be found in his blog at:

As can be seen in the picture below, no ordinary TD this!

It has a Volvo B18 engine, which Emery intends to leave in situ, but he’s going to “return it to the street” over the coming months, having bought it as a stalled restoration.

From the Beck’s logos all over the car it looks as though the car may have been sponsored by Beck’s Brewery (Beck’s is brewed in the city of Bremen in northern Germany).

The TD was in a part dismantled state when purchased and had to be put back together enough for its trailer journey from Virginia.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Emery!