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Two recently completed TAs. Above: Ian Linton’s car pictured in May 2010 just after its first MoT for 42 years! Below: Stewart Penfound’s blown XPAG engined TA, which took to the road again on 19th May after resting for a mere 43 years!

3 thoughts on “Back Cover

  1. Graham Shotter says:

    I am astounded and thrilled that my beloved MG TA rego number DRU 984 featured on the back page found a good home with Stewart Penfound and that he has brought it back to its former glory.

    I googled DRU984 just for hell of it and bingo what a surprise!

    I sold her while I lived in Tintern near Chepstow in December 1967 for 70 UK pounds (can you believe that?) so I could pay the 10 UK pounds to emigrate to Australia where I have been since. That’s the 43 years the article was talking about and maybe it was Stewart that I sold her to??

    I have photo’s of her from that time and of course here are many anecdotes about her that I would love to share with Stewart if he is interseted.

    I would be really greatful if you could get message this to him so we can share info. Many thanks

    Graham Shotter
    Melbourne Australia

  2. Stewart Penfound says:

    Hi Graham,

    What a nice surprise! I did indeed buy the car from you all those years ago, and recall it starting to snow as we drove away in my new pride and joy. I would love to compare notes and look forward to getting in touch.

    Cheers for now,

    Stewart Penfound
    Brighton, UK

  3. Roel Bloem says:

    Hello Stewart,
    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Roel Bloem, living in eastern part of Holland, near Arnhem, I am the new owner of TA 2147, a nice red MG. I fear the car had a difficult life, my suspicion is that not all the parts are original. It’s difficult to detect as all the plates are missing.
    In Holland the car was registered in 1960 as a 1949 MG, ( I guess because the chassis number was hard to find) but with the help of the T-register it’s now officially confirmed as TA 2147, build 1 March 1938.
    The engine is still a (so far) good working MPJG, wich the T-register dates oktober 1938 – a factory swapped engine (spare).
    My aim is to restore the car as much as possible to it’s original specs. It would be a great help if you can sent me detailed photos of your car. Of course I’ll sent you photos of your cars younger sister if I know your email address.
    Wish you and your family good health in these strange times !
    Best regards,

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