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Two recently completed TAs. Above: Ian Linton’s car pictured in May 2010 just after its first MoT for 42 years! Below: Stewart Penfound’s blown XPAG engined TA, which took to the road again on 19th May after resting for a mere 43 years!

2 thoughts on “Back Cover

  1. Graham Shotter says:

    I am astounded and thrilled that my beloved MG TA rego number DRU 984 featured on the back page found a good home with Stewart Penfound and that he has brought it back to its former glory.

    I googled DRU984 just for hell of it and bingo what a surprise!

    I sold her while I lived in Tintern near Chepstow in December 1967 for 70 UK pounds (can you believe that?) so I could pay the 10 UK pounds to emigrate to Australia where I have been since. That’s the 43 years the article was talking about and maybe it was Stewart that I sold her to??

    I have photo’s of her from that time and of course here are many anecdotes about her that I would love to share with Stewart if he is interseted.

    I would be really greatful if you could get message this to him so we can share info. Many thanks

    Graham Shotter
    Melbourne Australia

  2. Stewart Penfound says:

    Hi Graham,

    What a nice surprise! I did indeed buy the car from you all those years ago, and recall it starting to snow as we drove away in my new pride and joy. I would love to compare notes and look forward to getting in touch.

    Cheers for now,

    Stewart Penfound
    Brighton, UK

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