1936 MG TA CWE 398 Reno Red and Red upholstery £25,000

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I purchased this car 2 years ago. The previous owner had spent many years rebuilding this car stripping it down to bare chassis, a lot of the ash frame was replaced and now the frame and body are in good condition, all new wiring.
When I purchased the car it had a new hood, tonneau, half tonneau, and side screens that had never been fitted. All but the half tonneau have now been fitted
This car looks stunning and is a pleasure to drive. We went on several rallies last year including a 100 mile rally at Angouleme in France.
The reason we are selling our beloved TA is we take the car behind our motorhome and use it for trips out from campsites we are staying at, so we have decided we would like a slightly newer car that is more comfortable,