Bits & Pieces

Steel gaskets (and nitrile bonded cork gaskets) for the tappet chest side plate.

This is a last call for these kits (it needs to be, as this is the last issue of TTT 2!).

At the time of writing, I have just three (3) kits left.

Cost is £14 plus £3.49 UK postage. The kits can be sent overseas for the appropriate airmail (or surface mail) rate.

If you would like a set, please send an email to jj(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)] and I will let you have payment options.

Reduction in price of some Regalia items

Reproduction of TF1500 sales brochure Publication No. H.54125

16 pages, plus front and back covers (shown above). Sales of the TF1250 were markedly slowing, so the TF1500 was introduced and the opportunity was taken to capitalize on Captain George Eyston’s record-breaking success at Utah, USA, where eight new International Class “F” records were set.

This is a nice reproduction and the quality is much better than the scan used here.

Price reduced from £7.50 to £4.00. UK postage is £1.15. Overseas postage is dependent on Continent.

Contact the editor at jj(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)] for payment options.

Reproduction of TF1250 sales brochure Publication No. H. & E. 53101

This is a fold out brochure to size 550mm (down) x 430mm (across). Price reduced from £5 to £2.50. UK postage is £1.15. Contact the editor as above.

Note:  The TF1500 and TF1250 sales brochures can be sent for £1.85 UK postage if ordered together.

Reproduction of TA/TB Parts List

Reproduction printed on coated paper. 76 pages. 

£2.50 plus £2.40 UK postage.

Contact the editor at jj(at)

[Please substitute @ for (at)] for payment options.

Gold Portfolio Books

A collection of interesting articles and period road tests. Two copies of TA & TC available at £4.50 each and one copy of TD & TF at £4.50. UK postage on each book is £2.50. 172 and 176 pages each book.  Both were previously being sold for £13.50. Contact the editor as above.

Practical M.G. TD
Maintenance Update & Innovation

I have one display copy of this useful little C5 sized book (contains 91 pages) Very slightly ‘dog-eared’ on bottom right-hand corner. £1 plus £1.85 UK postage. Also have three (3) new copies left at £6.50 each plus £1.85 UK postage. (Editor)

Operation Manuals (handbooks) for the TD and for the TF and TF1500

Two copies of each available at £4.50 per copy (both were previously being sold for £8.95). UK postage is £1.85. Please contact the editor.

Ed’s note: This completes the list of reductions. When they are gone, they are gone!

Now to some items that I wish to dispose of/no longer need.

Thick keyed washers for rear spring front mounting pin

For TC and probably TA and TB as well. As shown in the picture, I have five of these. I prefer to send two separate packages of two and perhaps the odd one which could serve as a pattern. These are free of charge (I have seen them advertised for £19.29 plus VAT). Just send me £2 for the postage for two and £1.50 for the postage for the odd one.

Phosphor bronze trunnions

These are ¼ inch slot new trunnions for TA and most Triple-M rear springs. Also suitable for front if ¼ inch main leaf used. Three sets of 4 available at £32 plus £3.50 p&p per set. (Note that Moss stock these for £49.50 per pair i.e. set of 2). For the keyed washers and the trunnions, contact the editor at jj(at) [Please substitute @ for (at)]

TF tank ends

A pair of new after-market TF tank ends. Some surface rust in places on the insides. £5 for the pair plus £5.50 postage. Contact the editor (as before).

XPAG (‘round hole’) head gaskets

Two new XPAG head gaskets (’round hole’). Suit late TD and TF/YB. Gaskets are from ‘Gaskets for Classics’. £5 each plus £3.50 postage for each.

XPAG bottom end gasket sets

Two new sets from ‘Gaskets for Classics, which include the correct section ‘rope seal’ identified by Eric Worpe and sourced by the editor. £7.50 each plus £6 postage for each.

XPAG/XPEG camshaft lock tab washer

New, still in B&G poly packet. Not the new shape, which is currently being advertised for £5.94 inclusive of VAT. Free, but please send the editor £1.50 for postage.

Brake hoses TD/TF

New, boxed, I’ve had them for a few years. £4 for the two plus £4 postage.

TA/TB/TC (and Triple-M) tab washers for front leaf spring pin

Free of charge (for two), but please send £1 for postage.

I noted that Moss are charging £8.29 for (I assume) two.

TD/TF crown wheel and pinion Crown Wheel and pinion from my TF1500. It was performing quite adequately until I had it changed for a higher ratio one from an MGA. £40 plus £10 postage. Photos on request. The ratio is standard 4.875.

Headlamp daisy rim screw

See Part number 641L on the website of The Complete Automobilist, £20.34 each, inclusive of VAT. Two available at £4 each plus £1.50 postage on each. The threaded part is not perfectly straight, but should fit ok.

Tappet chest cover plate

One available for £15 plus £4 postage.

Timing chain cover

One available for £20 plus £4 postage.

I think that’s about everything, except the kitchen sink! When they are gone, they are gone!

…….and to close……..

I’ll take the Reconditioned TC Gearbox (Exchange) for £9.15 (nine pounds fifteen shillings) £9.75.

I thought my prices were good, but I can’t compete with Bill’s!