Bits and Pieces

New stub axles for TC

Tim Patchett (T-racer) has arranged for another batch of stub axles. The last lot sold out worldwide. The price is £630.00 per pair, plus carriage. Please contact Tim for full details: happypeople222(at) {please substitute @ for (at)}.

Radiator repair

Chris Tinker reports good service from an excellent little company in Ipswich called Sheldrake and Wells. He adds that they were very prompt.
Your Editor has had good service from Raysons Radiators in Yeovil and Advanced Autocooling Bristol, who just happen to be down the road from him in Keynsham.

Cleaning hoods and tonneau covers

Mike Collingburn has been in touch as follows:

“We get asked all the time how to clean hoods and tonneau covers. I suggest, regardless of materials used on the hood, side screen covers and tonneau you use warm soapy water; this would do very little harm and quite a lot of good. Try it on an inconspicuous area first. DON’T over wet it as it can shrink and allow it to dry naturally. I would never use detergents. Use a small stiff brush and I would only clean dirty areas not the whole thing. Some MG owners rate the solution Wolfsteins RAGGTOPP cleaner and protectant but I cannot confirm its effectiveness.”

Mike adds that he used to clean the weather equipment on his TCs like this.

……… and a little ‘commercial’ from son, James

“We have almost all correct materials and fasteners for hoods and tonneau covers. We have; Double Duck, Black Wigan, expecting Beige Wigan in 2014, Canvas, the Black grained waterproof PVC etc. etc. we can supply you or your trimmer as we don’t currently make weather equipment. We don’t supply side screen frames. If you want a detailed pricelist of materials and fasteners and we don’t charge VAT, please email: collingburn ‘at’

Ed’s note: Please don’t phone them because I don’t want them distracted from making my J2 seats!


Eric Lembrick has sent me a fresh supply of transils for fitting to your SU fuel pump to protect the points. These come complete with fitting instruction sheet. Price is £5.00 (including UK postage), £5.50 (including EU postage), £6.50 (including Rest Of World postage). There is a pro- rata (downward) adjustment on the postage if ordering more than one transil. Please add 50p if paying via PayPal. Small profit made goes to help finance the website including this magazine.

The following, courtesy of Eric Lembrick:

Why fit a transil?

The points on your SU fuel pump are at the mercy of the high voltage (up to several hundred volts) that is generated each time they open, causing them to arc. The basic explanation for such a high voltage (bearing in mind that your battery is only 12 volts!) is that it is an effect that happens each time a current through a coil is interrupted.

To negate this high voltage (i.e to limit voltage transients) the transil comes with a rated voltage. Below the rated voltage there is no connection between the two terminals, but above the rated voltage the terminals are connected together (dead short). Consequently, when the points break the high voltage which is generated across them is shorted out by the transil, so saving their burning & pitting.

Fitting is simplicity itself. The transil is supplied with ready made solder tag connections. All that is required to fit it is a screwdriver (instructions provided).

Hi-Gear 5-Speed conversions

Peter Gamble has been in touch to advise that a modification has been perfected which obviates the need to move the engine forward by 10cm on the TD. He is hoping to have it ready for inspection at the Stoneleigh show in early March.

Can you help with this TD body tub?

MGTD restored body tub with interesting history, last known of less bulkhead panel, finished in Red paint (may have since been refinished).

Was for sale in the Essex/Hertfordshire area in late 2011, Have you bought it or know anyone that has? Do you know of its whereabouts or if anyone has fitted it to a car as part of a restoration?

Reward for information regarding this body, all information treated with confidence.

Contact Matt Sanders on 01544 350320 or by email at fender57red(at) {Please substitute (@) for (at)}

Barrie Jones has the registration marks for these TFs but doesn’t have the chassis numbers

Barrie Jones, TF Registrar for the MGCC T Register is trying to find out the chassis numbers of 8 TFs for which he only has the registration marks. They are as follows: KUX 303, 668 YUW, 633 XUM, MUS 550, OAS 372, MSJ 661, 387 YUK, EL 6410. Please contact him if you can help at barrietf(at) {Please substitute @ for (at)}.

1st MG Drive through the South Tyrolean Spring

Dr. Christian Bianco is organising this meeting in the Dolomites/South Tyrol from 15th – 18th May. The centre of the meeting will be the village St. Michael in Eppan an der Weinstrasse. The deadline for registration is 4th March. The Editor has all the information on this meeting, so if you are interested in going, or just curious please e- mail him via the contact form on the website, or to jj(at) {Please substitute @ for (at)}. There is a follow up 2nd MG Meeting in the Dolomites from 26th -29th June.

Speedo correction boxes for MG TD

Declan Burns has been busy developing speedo correction gearboxes for the 4.3 MG TD CWP conversion. They are designed to correct the speedo when the rear end of the MG TD is converted from the standard 5.125 to the 4.3 MGA CWP.

They run on the back of the speedo and are maintenance free. They run very freely so torque problems associated with the speedo cable should not pose a problem. However, it would be advisable to check the cable prior to installation. The correction ratio is 1.2 to 1 and they are run in on the lathe for several hours.

The first two photos show the prototype where Declan fitted an acrylic cover to reveal the gearing.

The next photo shows some of the boxes in different stages of assembly.

The next two photos show the correction box mounted on the back of the speedo.

Road tests using Declan’s TD, as opposed to bench tests, will be done as soon as the weather picks up.
The first batch is currently being made and will be available after testing has been completed. They have the correct M12x1mm cable fittings and the gears are steel with two spur gears with 30 teeth modulus 0.5 and one gear with 25 teeth.

The shafts are made of silver steel and the housing is made from aluminium. They will also receive a graphite grease filling. Installation is very simple and should only take a few minutes.

Expressions of interest would be welcome and Declan can be contacted at: declan_burns(at) {please substitute (@) for (at)}

Declan is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.