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1 Jul

Welcome to Issue 55 – August 2019.

It’s hard to imagine that this is the ninth anniversary of ‘Totally T-Type 2’. I continue to enjoy producing the magazine, but it gets harder as copy dries up and I have to ‘keep the show on the road’.

We live in a world which seems to be frequented by fraudsters. I suppose they have always been around, but modern methods of communication have undoubtedly made life easier for them and thus they multiply and increasingly prey on the unsuspecting.

I’m aware that at least three of our private advertisers have been duped by these scumbags and I end up feeling uneasy because fellow owners have lost money through placing an advertisement on my website.

I keep a sharp lookout for these ‘scammers’ and I warn ‘Wanted’ advertisers when I am aware that a particular ‘scammer’ is replying to adverts. We also post the following caveat emptor on the appropriate advertisements’ page:

“When you receive a response to a Wanted advert on, apply common sense. Does the person sound like a T-Typer? Ask for photos of all of the parts, including close-ups on serial numbers or other distinguishing features. If the person refuses or makes excuses, do not continue with the deal. Likewise, if you are selling parts, then be absolutely sure that any payment has cleared completely before shipping anything. Where possible, deal locally, face-to-face, or failing that, use PayPal, which affords you a level of buyer protection.”

Despite the foregoing, a ‘Wanted’ advertiser still occasionally gets ‘caught out’. If in the slightest doubt I’m always happy to be contacted for an opinion. jj(at)

A recent scammer, who has replied to several adverts is one Paul Haggis. Whilst his amateurish attempts to deceive are pathetic, I have nevertheless alerted several advertisers to his existence.

As I pen this editorial on 10th July, I am slightly missing my beloved PB. It was sold via Steve Baker at the end of June and is now in the hands of its new owner. Had I kept it for another two months, I would have owned it for 21 years; but one must not look back!

The blow is somewhat cushioned by the fact that I still have my J2, which is coming up to 54 years of ownership and now has its rebuilt engine and its gearbox installed. It just needs to be rewired and I have a friend lined up to help with this job.

My J2 was purchased in 1965 for 35 GBP and has not turned a wheel under its own power since 1966. It might even be on the road one day – mustn’t rush these jobs!

I’ve just had a visit from David Taylor from Sydney ‘down under’. David had ordered some books and a head gasket set and as he was due to visit an old friend in north Bristol, it was convenient to travel from Chichester on the south coast, via south east Bristol where I live.

Next week I have John and Robin Libbert visiting from Ohio. I have occasionally corresponded with John, so it will be good to meet him and his wife.

The ‘Totally T-Type 2 Tour of mid- Wales’ is now a little over seven weeks’ away. The routes have been checked and the Roadbook has been sent for printing. All down to the help of Brian Rainbow – I don’t know what I’d do without him!

We can still take a couple more entries. Just to recap, the dates are 23/24/25 August 2019 with an optional stay on the 26th. The booking reference is ‘Octagon Car Club’ and a £20 non-refundable deposit per person is payable on booking (Telephone number 01597 823700). The rate for guests staying for 3 nights is £80 per person per night with a 50% reduction for those staying the extra night. There is no single room supplement – up to a minimum of 6 available.

Entry fee is £45 with a reduction of £10 if there is no passenger. Entry forms can be obtained from the editor at the jj@ttypes address given previously.

Finally, is this what happens when old car guys get sent to a nursing home (picture, right)?

My thanks to Jerry Felper in the US for forwarding this on to me. I’ve slightly ‘doctored’ it – please excuse the pun.


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