MG T-Type Resources

A rich array of MG T-Type resources have sprung up on the internet in recent years; here are some of the most useful to T-Type owners.

T Register
The T Register website has maintained an online register of T-Types since 2005, when the system was designed and written by the webmaster of This useful search also contains limited factory production records on each T-Type, such as build date and original engine number.
• T Production Records

MG WWW Enthusiasts
The first ever MG website on the internet continues to offer plenty to T-Type enthusiasts. The TD/TF board is the main gathering point on the web for owners of these cars, whereas the TA/B/C board is much less frequented, but both have archives stretching back to the late nineties.
• TA/B/C Bulletin Board
• TD/TF Bulletin Board

MG TABC Mailing List
The TA/B/C mailing list, founded in 1999 by Walter Prechsl and hosted on Yahoo! groups, is a lively resource of technical information and banter. With some 400 messages a month, though, you might prefer the daily digest option rather than receiving each individual reply to the list.
• Yahoo! MG-TABC List
• Walter Prechsl's T-ABCs Forever Gallery

Bill Davis' website is a mine of technical information for the MG TA owner, with plenty of great photos to accompany the articles.

Features information and restoration details on the MG TD.

Hermann Egges' MG TD site is notable for its vast collection of scanned period MG TD documentation, including adverts, sales brochures and road tests.

Bud Krueger's TTalk website contains an archive of technical articles relevant to the TD and TF, as well as being the home to a couple of registers of TDs and TFs compiled by George Merson and Jeff Payne respectively.
• TTalk Technical Index
• TD/TF Registers

The International MG 'Y' Type Register'
The International MG 'Y' Type Register's website has attracted 220,000 unique visitors since its launch in April 2002. This can be attributed almost entirely to the wealth of information accessible, both on the site and from the site. At the last count the website hosted almost 1.5 Gigabytes of information, including a virtual parade of owners' cars, reprinted articles from the 1940s to date, a technical centre, links to suppliers (recommended by owners only) and much much more. The 'Y' Type shares many parts with its 'Topless Sibling', not only the XPAG engine but a wealth of other items for example the braking systems on a YB and TD are identical. The website is totally international, with representatives around the world; it is completely independent of all Car Clubs and receives no sponsorship. As a direct consequence there is no 'clutter', just relevant and interesting articles relating to ownership. The site's success is a result of contributions from owners and visitors. Why not have a look for yourself: