The MG TC was the precursor to the highly successful export business of the Abingdon Factory which was to be enjoyed in far greater numbers for the TD/TF production and the subsequent MGA and MGB models.

Exporting cars was not new to the M.G. Car Company and quite a number of Triple-M cars were exported through Nuffield Exports, to be followed by around 500 TA/TBs which left the UK's shores; but it was the TC which firmly established the Company in the North American market.

Of 10,000 TCs produced, around two thirds were exported, with the largest numbers going to the USA, to be closely followed by Australia. The Abingdon Factory certainly took up Sir Stafford Cripps' rallying cry to the British Motor Manufacturers to "Export or Die!"

The first fifteen TCs were produced by Abingdon on 17th September 1945 in times of material shortages after World War 2 and there was almost certainly a need for the Factory to 'make do and mend' in order to get by. Steel was in short supply and its availability was almost certainly prioritised for manufacturing of goods to be exported.

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The TC was essentially the same pre-war design as the TA/TB but now with body type number B280, the main difference being that it was 4 inches wider between the rear door pillars.


The suspension on the TC was by shackle pins and rubber bushes instead of the sliding bronze trunnions of the TA and TB and is considered by some as a retrograde step.

However the three brush dynamo and cut-out and resistance of the TA/TB was not continued on the TC in favour of a two brush dynamo and compensated voltage control regulator set up.

The survival rate of the TC is remarkably good (possibly 50% of the 10,000 produced) and whilst some in UK ownership have been sold to owners in mainland Europe, many have come into the UK from North America.

MG TC production ended in November 1949 to be followed by the introduction of the MG TD, which had independent front suspension and rack and pinion steering.

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