The term 'membership' normally has subscription or fee connotations. At we have no such requirement because we do not have expensive overheads and as enthusiasts we give our time freely for fellow enthusiasts.

In line with our raison d'être which is spelt out on the homepage of this website we exist to help you if you have a T-Type and we hope that you will find the offerings on this list helpful.

Hagerty Insurance Discount

We are delighted to announce that we have arranged a discount for our UK members with Hagerty Insurance. Is your Classic Car insurance due for renewal? We have personally used Hagerty and can recommend them, both for service excellence and for competitive quotes for classic car insurance.

To qualify for this offer, please call them on 0844 824 1130. You must quote the promotional code CCTTT to receive the discount.

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Technical Publications Archive

Members of have access to a growing archive of period technical publications including MG Car Company service information sheets, service manuals, maintenance bulletins and parts catalogues. These long out-of-print publications are sourced from the private collections of fellow MG T-Type owners and shared at this central location for all to benefit.


The custom-built T-Database is an open, independent catalogue of MG T-Series cars maintained by owners. Members of are able to update the information on their car's record and upload multiple photos of their car to accompany it.

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Discounts on Travel

The website is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the International MG Y Type Register it has 'teamed up' with Travel Destinations (ABTA Registered) and negotiated preferential travel rates for members. If you are planning to travel to or from Mainland Europe (including Spain) using P&O, the Channel Tunnel or Brittany Ferries then please contact Travel Destinations on +44 (0) 1707 329988 and be certain to mention that you are a member of to obtain your Preferential Rates. These are not only available to you when you are in your T-Type, but when travelling in any MG or indeed your normal daily use car.

This benefit was announced on the newsfeed on 17th March 2012 and contained the following quote from David Pelham, Y type owner:

"Travel Destinations were able to assist with the passage of our cars to/from Brittany on the forthcoming Tour in September 2012. I was pleasantly surprised that my fellow participants and I saved almost 30% by booking through Travel Destinations. The saving that we achieved is equivalent to more than a tank full of petrol for each of the participants."

New Parts

To assist members, runs of British-made new parts are commissioned on a non-profit- making basis and are advertised from time to time in the bi-monthly magazine Totally T-Type 2. We are currently selling polyurethane shackle bushes for the TD/TF (rear) and the TC (front and rear). As we own the moulds for these bushes and order in bulk we can sell them for £2.50 each plus a voluntary contribution of 50p per bush to the TTT 2 'hard' copy fund. Putting this price into context, the cost per bush from a major supplier is £8.95 (as at November 2014) and what is on offer is a "uni-fit" bush with the bushes for the front and rear leaf springs on the TC having to be trimmed to fit.

We have from time to time arranged for batches of leaf springs to be made by old established spring maker Brost Forge of London N7.

In October 2012 we arranged for eight (8) pairs of TC rears to be made at £100 per spring plus VAT.

In November 2012 we arranged for six (6) pairs of TC fronts to be made at £90 per spring plus VAT.

In November 2013 we arranged for six (6) pairs of TD rears and six (6) pairs of TF rears to be made at £108 per spring plus VAT.

The arrangement we have with Brost Forge is that we place the bulk order and supply the company with a list of purchasers. Brost Forge then makes the springs and invoices the purchasers who settle direct with the company. Brost then dispatches the springs.

For further details please enquire via the Contact Form.


We offer a 'Parts for Sale' and 'Wanted' non-commercial free advertising facility for members. Due to our worldwide 'reach' and number of visitors to the site we are an excellent advertising medium.

More Benefits in the Pipeline

We are constantly working to provide useful benefits to members of, and have a number of new ideas currently in production. New features are announced on the newsfeed and in the bi-monthly issues of our technical publication Totally T-Type 2.

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