Since its launch on 20 August 2010, the website and the free MG T-Type technical publication it hosts, Totally T-Type 2, have both received an overwhelmingly positive response from the MG T-Type community worldwide, and we would like to thank everyone for their kind comments. This page lists three ways in which you can support the site - any help will be very gratefully received!


1. Make a Donation and Totally T-Type 2 are entirely non-profit ventures run by volunteers. However, several members have ventured that they would like to make a donation to support TTT 2, the website and its cause, and so we have incorporated a facility to donate an amount of your choice below. We cannot stress enough that will remain a non-profit website, and that any donations received will be ploughed back into services and offers to benefit T-Type owners, for example subsidising the cost of an expensive small print run of hard copies of every issue of Totally T-Type 2 to supply to contributors as a thank you, as well as to a handful of loyal T-Type owners who do not have internet access (and in many cases due to their age or location are unlikely ever to get it).

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Help us spread the word amongst the MG T-Type community by telling a fellow T-Typer about and TTT 2 so that they might also benefit from what they offer. It's easy to spread the word: just supply your name and email address on the "virtual postcard" below, the name and email address of the T-Typer you wish to tell, add a short personalised comment for them (ideally telling them how great the website and TTT2 are!) and answer the anti-spam question (to prove you are a genuine real live MG enthusiast), then hit Send.

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