TA Front and Rear axle and other bits

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Added: November 15, 2019 Modified: November 15, 2019
  • Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Front axle with single hub, in good condition, £250
Rear axle case, with brake back plates and hubs, no diff cover, good condition, £250
Brake drums x3, good condition, £30 each
Brake back plate, x 1 not sure if front or rear, £30
Intake manifold, good condition, £70

I have a pair of 1 1/4" carbs, marked AUC7000, vertical mounts at 2 3/8"crs, not sure what they are from, possible later MG, £250

I hope prices are reasonable.
I can send photos if you email me
All are in Hampshire UK, prefer collection

Posted by: Trevor Ayles

Telephone: 07759870675
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