ALL SOLD***Breaking XPAG and XPEG (engine parts)***ALL SOLD

Parts For Sale / Wanted
Added: November 3, 2018 Modified: November 24, 2018
  • Location: West Devon, United Kingdom

Parts for sale include: ***ALL SOLD***
New TF camshaft plus a set of 8 cam followers, all made by Newman Cams. Specification is (10/50/50/10) which is a small improvement on the original (5/45/45/5).
XPAG 1250cc cylinder head professionally polished & ported by Bryan Slark. Combustion spaces equalised at 40cc, unleaded valve seats, bronze guides, Metro stem seals, stainless steel valves. This is a work of art. Round water hole, type 168422. Can send photo.
Set of 4 XPAG 1250 pistons, standard 66.5mm diameter. Used 20,000 miles. Very good condition.
Set of 4 XPAG con rods. Balanced end-for-end and shot peened to relieve any internal stresses.
XPAG/XPEG Crankshaft. Mains -.020, big ends -.010 complete with new shell bearings.
Cylinder head for 1500 XPEG. Genuine AEF118. Standard thickness. Ported to improve gas flow.
TF1500 block made from an XPAW block bored and sleeved to 72mm by George Edney. Used 9,000 miles without any problems. No scores or wear ridges. Complete with standard 72mm pistons, a matching set of 0.020 oversize cam followers and an improved oil pump with oversize bronze gears.
Flywheel XPAG/XPEG suitable for 8 inch clutch. Nice polish. Good ring gear.
Lots of other parts for sale (e.g. rocker covers, sump, timing gears), just ask.

Posted by: Barrie Jones

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