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  • Location: Moultonborough, Carroll County, New Hampshire, United States

TC 7153, with engine 8005, was assembled 18 November 1948 and registered 20 December 1948 in the UK as FAY 475. This home-market TC was brought to the United States in 1968 by Gary Schonwald, who sold it to Jerry Goguen in 1972. It was refurbished by Abingdon Spares and then was displayed in Jerry’s museum in Westminster, VT. This classic car, which has been garaged at least since 1972, was purchased from Jerry in 2000.
FAY 475 is an exceptional-numbers matching find celebrated for its appearance (a wonderful deep red single-stage acrylic-urethane) as well as its performance. It is a very satisfying driver that has been extremely well received at a variety of events in the U.S. and Canada.
The engine, rebuilt and balanced in 2004 by R&L in Dover, NH, has been bored .120” over and head shaved 0.070” providing a compression ratio of about 8.8/1. New connecting rods, ¾ race cam, pistons, TD stellite valves, rocker shaft, timing chain and tensioner, core plugs, ring gear, clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing installed. Exhaust manifold ceramic coated by Jet Hot and carbs rebuilt by Joe Curto. Air cleaner equipped with a modern K&N filter and oil filtered by a Mobil 1 filter mounted in an adaptor designed to accommodate modern filters. New large-bore stainless steel exhaust system installed in 2018. Cooling system refurbished in 2018 - new hoses and stainless steel thermostat housing with a 54mm modern thermostat. Bypass blocked except for a small vent hole. Oil pressure is adjustable and is set for 55-60 psi.
Both the SU fuel pump and the control box (Vintage Mecha-tronics) are solid-state units. In 2018, the distributor was rebuilt and recurved for today’s fuels by Rob Medynski of British Vacuum Unit and the dynamo was rebuilt (armature and field coils replaced and terminals repaired) by British Auto Electric. The starter was rebuilt in 2015 by Historic Motor Sports. The fuel sender has been replaced and is mounted on a special gasket sourced from Peter Edney in England.
Drive train incorporates a Ford Sierra T9 5-speed synchronized gearbox delivering power through high-strength steel tapered half-shafts and hubs sourced from Bob Grunau. The original gearbox can easily be refit. The car is fitted with a 4.63/1 rear-end, Dayton wire wheels, and Excelsior Comp H 4:50x19 tires. Braking is enhanced by having a bronze master cylinder and new wheel cylinders all around pushing the shoes against Alfin brake drums.
Precise steering provided by an Australian Nissan right-hand-drive truck steering box. The original steering box can be refit when desired. All front suspension components have been replaced, including new stub axles and king pins from Bob Grunau.
Lighting has been enhanced. Rear lighting is provided by a pair of D-lamps equipped with LED inserts as well as a pair of bullet lamps mounted at the sides of the fuel tank. The original Cat’s Eye Headlamps are equipped with Halogen bulbs and the side-lamps are amber and white LED’s. The electrical system is positive ground as designed, but a negative ground power outlet has been added to power phones or GPS units. The top, tonneau, and side curtains were replaced in 2005 as well as the carpets and interior, including leather seat covering. All instruments were sent to England to be rebuilt by John Marks of Vintage Restoration. They sit in a beautiful instrument panel crafted by Craig Seabrook of The Whitworth Shop. An appropriate 1948 UK Tax Stamp is mounted on the windscreen.
Driving with the top down and the windshield lowered is enhanced by having a pair of Brooklands racing screens. One can admire the limited edition (#53/251) “Midge” radiator cap and mascot crafted by Andrew Kay, one of Australia’s leader sculptors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TC (a standard cap and a Moto-Meter cap are included). This home market TC continues to have the original UK registration plate - FAY 475. Many spares and tools are available.***SOLD***

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